Sunday, May 6, 2018

one for the old master Shi-tou

Old Shitou knew, no matter how fast you row, how deep you bow,
cow dung or snow, high and low, it all comes to the big ho in da ground,
damp or dry, it does dampen one's enthusiasm does it not—for 
it all go-e the shitou way. 

Bo Gregoric
Copyrights Reserved

My Chocolate Apocalpyse

I am your chocolate apocalypt, your Godzilla crisis,
the eye of the storm, the revolution long time coming—
I am that storm in a teacup, the Uranus moving into Taurus
Every three-and-eighty years I come to mess up
Your sterile world, to turn it upside and inside out
Releasing the prisoners, the wind of change unstoppable,
the walls collapsing, the liberty, o, magnificient, brilliant
Liberty beckoning the freed slaves—hopefully
rid of rancor and vengefulness. 

Copyright Reserved,
Bo Gregoric