Sunday, February 11, 2018

Momcilo Nastasijevic: The Quietude of Trees

Momčilo Nastasijević:

Mirovanje drveća

Study of Trees, Ink on paper, b.g. 

Sve boli. Mili druzi,
rad' mene mirujete.
Trepetom ne ozledi me ni list.

Tiho i tiše,
umin iz rana
ovaploti me u reč.

Celivam stabla,
braću moju redom,
milujem ožiljke nežno.

Mili druzi,
boli li kad vam
sekira zaseče telo?

I umine li,
kad za vas neme
ja mukotrpan kriknem?

Ako je skrnavljenje,
prostite, srce mi je dano.

Rad' mene mirujete:
tiho i tiše,
umin iz rana.
To mukotrpno,
druzi, za vas neme,

šapatom visinama
kazujem blagu reč.

The Quietude of Trees

All hurts. My fellows,
because of me you stay quiet.
With tremble, not a leaf can hurt me

Quiet and quieter still,
from the wounds ceased
incarnated into a word.

The trees I caress,
brothers of mine in order,
caressing the scars gently.

My dear brothers,
does it hurt
when axe strikes into one's body?

And does it cease,
when for you with no voice
of pain full I shout out?

If tis' a sacrilege,
forgive, for Heart has been given me.

Because of me you remain quiet:
quiet and quieter still,
from the wounds ceased.
Thus full of pain,
comrades, for you with no voice,

whispering to heights
I speak the gentle word.

Momčilo Nastasijević (1894 –1938) was a Serbian modernist poet, novelist and dramatist. His poetry is imbued with deeply felt pantheist sensibility; his prose work often makes the use of fantasy & horror elements from the West Balkans folklore (e.g. My Cousin's Gifts).