Tuesday, July 29, 2014


A Triathlon Of No Consequence

While B. could hardly stay afloat, D. was an exquisite swimmer.
But she kindly decided to linger, always waiting for B. to dog paddle behind the splashing pod of triathletes. When, in the end, they crawled out of the lake, the competition was long gone. Heat rose. Cycling turned into a very painful chore.
On the hard asphalt running felt like a race over the hot coals.

Long since the race ended when, at last, in a distance —the crowd already dispersed— you could see them slowly approaching:  first B. then D.  First edging past a doddering ninety-year old grandpa, then inching closer —will they make it?  Yes, they will! Just a step or two ahead of a one-legged Ethiopian Bakebe Bibila (a distant cousin of the famous Abebe B) hopping to a better life in the promised land Canada.  

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