Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Painting A Letter

Painting A Letter

From the painting by Franz Kline (*fair use: I hold no copyright to this image)

This old hand
that works and catches a fish.

It writes a letter.
Touches the breast.

It rubs the cat, plays the game.

It opens fire
burns the land
closes the gate.

It paints.

Coffee mugs, cigarettes, other hands
keep it warm.

It is pink now and, then,
it yellows, dies —
as a worn signature does.

Boris J. Gregoric

Originally published in "100 Words": On Letter, IWP, Iowa City, 1996 or 1997

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Study of flags...

Study of Flags by Boris Gregoric, watercolor wash, 2013
...some flags I was thinking about the other day.

The Sun and the Wheel.

The French tricoleur is the basis of the beautiful Iowa state flag. 

Honoring the Mexican Quatzalcoatl motif, Eagle & Snake.

Of course, the old Indian/Gypsy Wheel of Dharma and the Road.

The Gadsen flag is gaining in popularity.  Perhaps the flag of the new, once again free-spirited America. 

The sunny side up of Argentina and the Uruguay.

Next year in Brasil.  Hopefully.  O Novo Brasil.

Flags are like people some of them you really like, others not so.  The worst are the UN politically made-up flags, flags without any real history behind them.  The best rose from the common struggle and blood-knowledge (D.H.Lawrence).

And so turns the Wheel of Dharma and we, such stuff as dreams are made on...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Remember Kerouac (d. 10/21/1969)

Jack, paint sketch, 1/2013, Borisse

Art by Stephen Collins,

Jack & the Cat (photographer?)

House in Florida where Kerouac allegedly wrote 'The Dharma Bums'