Friday, September 13, 2013

Last Pilgrims In & Other Micro Poems

Detail from the painting by Kenzo Okada

in the seeping dawn
a deer dashes
your split-hair decision


for Ken McCullough 

golden afternoon in the park
a baseball pops

from the wrinkled old hand
a teacup drops — breaks —
tears in the eye

Dear John

in the noonday
cicadas trill—
nothing seems real —
nothing to get hung about

the walnuts
pelting the roof
of the back porch
the weather turning

Sitting in Zendo
like a first snowflake
grazing the air

Late September
drifting clouds —
a school bell
evoking Fears


Cool water of the big lake
washing away
the traces of our bare feet


In a rear view mirror 
the blacktop hazy —
big eyed deer

of drifting clouds —
over the old Catholic cemetery
Crimson sun
the icy Cordillera 

Travel  today—
rushing to and fro
without the real purpose. 

chestnuts fall
last pilgrims arriving
before the albergue
around the haystacks 
children at play  
barefoot fadeout
two ghosts 
on the platform of the Zumarraga station   
addios carino¡ 

on top of the famous
Basque fort
a clowder of black cats
hardened pirates

A key falls on the tiled patio
how it rings
with its insolent laughter

warm breeze lifting
the rooftops 
of the inky city 
by the sea

The leaves are ablaze
the pigeons coo
the train is about to heave
Across the blacktop
three deer: hop — hop —hop!
glad you missed them

Hear No Evil
See No Evil
Write if you must
— but make sure
you've heard it right.


When you pack, pack everything you own.
Don’t worry about what you don’t have
in your dear old 


No Nothing

No details, no words.  No news.   

All is well.

Nine Seconds

On your marks, ready, steady, go! 
You spring
you bolt
from the starting block 
of later years —
no gravity
no limits
can apply! 

you lucky old dog! 

That Smile Of Yours

How I love the way
that Lucky one
seated in the
mango grove
by the river
where Vasudeva
takes one across

All poems mine,

Boris Gregoric