Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homeward Bound

With its rocks, trees, nightly creatures, by departing astronauts seen from great distance , the mountain is like the living god  stranded, left behind in the confinement of our imaginary reality.

Maybe something menacing underlies all living things, but luckily, it only lasts for a brief interval as we appear in this guise; then again  we are free at the foothills of the immense plateaus close to the stars. 

Other livings gods, even greater, darker, occulter await inside of us, while the departing astronauts look back —as if they could, once, return Home.

Der Zauberberg by Boris Gregoric, oil/canvas, ca. 1998

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Orpheus With Orchid.

Unfinished oil painting ca. 1998. Orfeo con la Orchidea

Every artwork, no matter how 'finished' should remain for ever unfinished.

Once it is 'finished' it dies.

Learning from Flaubert.  The striving for perfection inevitably hinders. Becoming good at something means so much hard labor that, in the end, you have to wonder —was it really worth it?